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KOF '98 Live Action KOF '98 Live Action

Rated 5 / 5 stars

XD Plis continiu

XD hagan otro, esta bien ingon!
Estoy orgullosa de uds. Pa que vean que lo hecho en mexico esta hecho con huevos. Ahi avisenme cuando saquen mas cositas :D

Catsup-Group responds:

Claro, en México hay pura calidad. Y seguramente si haremos otro...

Naruto: Fighting Dirty Naruto: Fighting Dirty

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it needs...

The art is not that good, but I also know that is hard to manipulate the flash. Unfortunately, there are some other guys making stuff like this with a better animation. I liked you used the japanese voices, and got the subtitles on it. You need to work more into the feminine body proportions and a little more in some of the perspectives (There was a moment in which Tenten's head was smaller than Temari's tight on the same range of view).

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Super Hot Hentie Super Hot Hentie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Precious, Precious!

This is the only video of this kind I ever seen and liked! the KK should learn from you. I really loved this. I hate to see the KK or the badgers video, and I always end all angry, but this one was so perfect I just end giving you a....

Sandwich91 responds:

thanks im glad to hear that you like it :3 yeah i could always just grab a blackboard and sit them all down and give em a firm lecture on originality anti spam. thanks for the ten :P i personally think that it's not just the KK group but possibly all the well known groups around here that are just for spam, with the clock crew as an exception

Random transformation! Random transformation!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I've seen the other one you made. At first I thought it was the same one, but then I noticed. It's a little bit better than the last one but there was a little thing at the end when the movie starts over again, theres a little lost pause between the end and the start, and it just didnt sound well.

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Enlightener57 responds:

I know, i tried my best to fix it, but i dont know how :(

T. TotallyBS, Lucky Star! T. TotallyBS, Lucky Star!

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I agree

and also change the acting voice... these suppose to be little Japanese girls, not a hooters waitress. (sorry, but you know you could do it better and you didnt)
the script needs work... And what's with the skunks? Some music would help to ease the time of the video.
Yep, it would be better if you do it in group... work alone sucks.
Never be embarrassed to ask for help to other authors, or your firends.

omegafinal responds:

Actually, they are high school girls, it's just the fact that the original creator made them look younger than they really are. Akira's the most likely the youngest as she's about 14, but if you've seen the show, you know why she's like that.

The skunks are a "Totally BS!" staple. Since this is their third appearance, I decided to just blow up their appearance. If you think about it, they are integrated into the narrative and not like Trigun's Kuroneko-sama.

The reason I wrote this on my own is because it's a "gift" to one my favorite clubs in college. The next one might a collaboration where each one writes their own mini episode. There is a reason why there are seperate "episode titles" followed by who wrote it. But that will be a long time until I get to it. My next project is a drama that I've working on. And yes, I'm writing this by myself.

:Telekinetic Pornography :Telekinetic Pornography

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Icannt believe you did it again, I was waiting for more Foamy and Germine!

the only bad thing in this time, is that the little signs are too small to see what it says.

And I dont know why but I feel like something is missing, and this one seemed to be a very short episode.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


OK at first I really thought it was like the KK shit, but the initial promo was ok, but I wish there was more than the two gifs there. Is well structured, it only needs more images to make the title worth. So I'll give you a...

Dragonball Z Hentai show1 Dragonball Z Hentai show1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is so bad

This is so bad that makes me laugh XDD

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ilovecandy2 responds:

cheers m8 why not check out my DBZ hentai series. leave a review if you like them xD