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Paliño Paliño

Rated 4 / 5 stars


No chilaquiles? or chimichangas? Or pozole?
At least some quesadillas instead the beans... mmh but the burritos look like chimichangas, mmh... chimichangas.

Ah, it's ok, good enough to be an american game, well I think we mexicans show you the wrong image, I dont blame you, the whole world see us just the way you do. XD
Dont worry, the reason people thinks you are racist is because we dont use those clothes anymore, and we not only eat tacos, frijoles and burritos, but in many restorants the boss ask us to use a costume like that, and even the tacos and burritos you know are not like you see'em in USA.
Our taco is a simple tortilla with anything in the middle, usually meat.

Well, actually I think, the whole world has left the folklore behind. And if you wanna show a theme with a country you'll use some folklore on it, I mean, how do you know the difference between people from other country?

But I dont understand what paliño means u.o I never heard of that, it sounds more like brazilian, like Ronaldiño.

ahh, well, about the game, I couldnt do anything better than this, and the music choice is good XD jejeje at least is not La cucaracha. The bad thing is my arrows dont work so well so I lost XD jajajaja.

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Pokemon 134 Pokemon 134

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good

you actually dont need to get hentai to the tittle. the animation is pretty good!
It looks like a college proyect or somtin, but It was good.

Beach Goddess Beach Goddess

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


ok, I really dont know if you did the game, bcz is hosted by a female razor brand name.... the game is very simple yes, but the reazon I set 5, is cz the way you present it is to call men atention? when logically is a female promo for a Corporation? well, I'll calm down and ask my last question: How much do they paid for the game?

Mel Remembers Mel Remembers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

n.n fucking cute!

well is so simple, but is so cute, I wish Mel could say more stuff or do something. it would be fun he could "sing" with the words you writte on.

mrkomiks responds:

Singing, huh?
I'll keep that in mind it'd be interesting.