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2008-09-06 03:59:05 by Oni-kaya

I've been watching the top movies. Those from 3 to 5, and to be honest, I rated 2 to most of them... yeah some had good drawings, characters and music, but they seemed so boring to me or without imagination.

Even to games or any other that seemed not to be original ones like the gillet guy... razors? for women?

I started to hate the Kitty Krew... I mean, put some naruto or hentai on the tittle and give'em some shitty videos.... Why do they do that? so much work to only make angry people? and why in the hentai section?
Is like somebody needs to get laid... And unfortunately, they dont get blamed ....

What should I do next?


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2008-09-06 04:04:42

The KK is just having fun, remember that.

anyways just go to the top submissions by score

then go down the list

you'll find plenty of good submissions that way and not have to put up with any KK crap

Oni-kaya responds:

thnx for your comment. It was the only one wich seemed to have sence. The other ones said Whatever... or man fuck off... Duh, Im not even a man... and they dont seem to know what a comma is.

Well, actually Im not clear with your answers, but it may be bcz you may have a more open mind than me. I actually found a good hentai joke movie and it was pretty funny, not like the thinks the KK do.
I sure will never understand them, May be I just wont stop hate prankers.

I actually like to look for their videos and try to give a revew to help others avoid them, and also try to get them into a 0.
sometimes I watch the whole thing and see if they have something good, but even their animation sucks.

aw, well, but thanks, like I said, I 'm glad to find a brain around here.


2009-07-28 04:40:06

The top movies are all about the person watching them. I've seen plenty of movies that had great art, fine music, but (for me) a horrible presentation. Sure, it is rare that any one movie has everything but some areas are simply more important. So its just like you said, poor imagination and/or an uncoordinated mess.

Oh, and though the Kitty Krew does try to have fun they can be a bit annoying at times. Far better then they used to be but annoying all the same. But you seem a mite bit bored...what with roaming the various pits of Newgrounds and submitting reviews so that others can avoid the same. I'll agree for the most part though. Many movies on here seem to have a decent amount of imagination and skill behind them but those tend to fall down the bracket in place of the ones with better art styles, less complicated themes and/or better music or subtle imaginings. Perhaps the next submission will be truly worth a look. Who knows.

But heck, some of them are still fun to watch.